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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Night Ize Flashflight L.E.D. Light Up Flying Disk

My first review

     So first I would like to say that I purchased this frisbee after trying to find one in stores. I checked at approximately six of the "big box" stores in my area, Target, WalMart, etc. with no luck. Finally I gave in and went online. I did some research, and finally found what I was looking for. So here we go!

     I ordered the Night Ize Flashflight from Amazon and when I received it, I was just as excited as my children. As soon as the sun went down, we headed out the door to play. When reading other reviews, there were mentions of how difficult it was to turn on and off. I must disagree with those reviews. In the center of the disk on the underside, there is a push button. If you put the disk on its back and on a semi-hard surface, all you have to do is push it with your finger and the lights come on or they turn off. I purchased the disc-o color. This rotates through a bunch of different colors, rather than 1 color all the time.
     Another awesome feature is that there are fiber optic wires that run from the center to the edges of the rim that enable the entire disk to light up so you can see it literally from yards away! 
     It is a soft plastic, not too soft, but not as hard as normal frisbee. It flies very well and has lasted for the three months I have had it with no issues. My children are definitely rough and tough on their toys and this toy has held up unbelievably well! The batteries have lasted through being left on over night at least 8 times. And it is still as bright as the day I opened it and turned it on for the first time. 
     In conclusion, I paid approximately $20, which included shipping. I couldn't be happier with my purchase! No cons, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants/needs an easy gift or toy for anyone between the ages of 5-75!

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